Saturday, September 15, 2012

Rodgers Calls For Disrespectful Chants To Stop

Liverpool boss, Brendan Rodgers, hopes that the disrespectful chants that fans sing on the terraces are stopped after the independent panel brought the actual details of the Hillsborough disaster to light.

The fans of the club, many of whom were related to victims of the tragedy, have had to endure the songs from rival fans including Manchester United over the past 23 years. Manchester United has themselves been at the centre of mindless chants after the Munich air disaster in 1968.

Northern Irishman, Rodgers, hopes that the chants will come to an end as a result of the independent panel's findings, he said, “I speak as a human being and I don't ever like to hear anything like that, whatever club it is, that associates with other people's tragedies and death,"

The Liverpool manager went onto add, "Unfortunately you have a very small percentage of idiots at any club who will always try to smear another club's reputation. Of course, it is obvious these are chants that no-one wants to hear about any club. Unfortunately there are that minority of supporters who will maybe disappoint but let's hope we can all move on and we can all learn from this whole process."

Rogers carried on to discuss the heartbreak and courage of the people of Liverpool who had to face the propaganda and misleading of the victims of the Hillsborough disaster, "We have all suffered death in our lives but to have it happen to your son, daughter, brother, sister, and then have a campaign against that - you can't begin to imagine what that must feel like."

He continued, "It is absolutely incredible it has taken all that time. My respect goes out to everyone involved in that process over 23 long, hard, arduous years and hopefully they found some sort of justice.”

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