Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fowler Calls For Suarez And Evra To Perform Floral Tribute

Robbie Fowler has suggested Patrice Evra and Luis Suarez should lay floral tributes before Liverpool clash with Manchester United at Anfield on Sunday.

This weekend's game is significant as it is the first game at Anfield since the publication of the Hillsborough report.

The two players were highlighted since Suarez was banned for eight matches after he racially abused Evra last season.

"It would be nice for Luis Suarez to put some flowers at the United end regarding Munich, and for Patrice Evra to do the same at the Kop," Fowler said.

"The two clubs do have a rivalry, but some things are far more important that football and this is one of them.

"Both clubs have a respect for each other, for what they have achieved in the game."

Eight players and three club staff died in the Munich air disaster of 1958, when the plane crashed on take-off. Ninety-six fans died in the Hillsborough disaster of 1989 when fans were crushed in the stadium.

Evra and Suarez did not shake hands before the last match at Old Trafford in February.

Manchester United captain Vidic is more concerned with the game itself rather than any pre game rituals.

He said, "If they shake hands, they shake hands. I don't think it's the most important thing in the world.

"Its more important not to do any stupid things in the game, to go there and play football - what we dream of, to play that derby and to be all about the football, not about the fighting or any other things.

"To be fair, I don't want to think about that. Obviously we want to focus on the game.

"We have a theme, what happened in history about the fans and we have to respect that day.

"Obviously we can't go with any other issues, we will just go there to play football."

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