Sunday, December 09, 2012

Rodgers Won’t Pay Over The Odds For Sterling

Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers has admitted that he will not pay over the odds for Raheem Sterling now that he has turned 18.

Premier League rules mean that players cannot sign for more than three seasons before their 18th birthday and Rodgers pointed to the player that he has value but has not achieved anything.

“I don’t want the club or the kid being affected by over-the-odds demands,” he told The Telegraph.

"I think there’s a value I see in a young player that hasn’t achieved anything. All the figures that get bandied about for kids these days can destroy them. I’m in the business of trying to help nurture these kids, and money distorts the reality. It’s just one of these things that will get done. I’m confident that it will do.

“There’s still 18 months left [on his current deal]. He’s a young kid and we just want to make sure that everything’s right for him to be nurtured. With young players’ contracts get handed out left, right and centre to a kid who’s not done anything, getting a four-year deal on decent money, and then clubs wonder why in two or three years it’s gone wrong.”

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