Friday, August 02, 2013

Lucas Leiva Hails Liverpool Teammate Coutinho

Lucas Leiva believes that Liverpool will continue to strengthen before the transfer window closes in September.

The Brazilian says the Reds are going through a 'restructuring' period and says they have recruited well so far.

"I think we will have a few more signings to improve our squad. The club is going through a restructuring process, with young players, but with experience," Lucas told UOL.

"In the case of Coutinho, he joined the team very well. He's had a big season since he arrived in January. It shows that the young players are evolving every year and adding to the staff.

"Liverpool has gambled and it has worked. Sometimes the process is a little slower, but our team is strong enough to return to play in the Champions League, which is something the club wants to achieve in the coming years.

"I talked a lot with Philippe before he signed with Liverpool, the coach asked me to speak with him, if I could lend a hand.

"I had contacted Philippe at the time, then just talked and he decided to come here, where he would have more opportunities to play, would be a major player within the team, something that unfortunately he did not have many chances at Internazionale.

"He has already shown his value. My role was to help him adapt to the city, especially with small things, finding a home because he is a young player who does not speak the language.

"I also came at a very young age, so I know he needs this kind of help, because he comes from another country, does not speak the language, and just taking a little longer to adapt."

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