Tuesday, July 30, 2013

John Barnes Complains About Pepe Reina

Liverpool legend John Barnes has aired his grievances about Pepe Reina's Anfield departure, and he feels that the goalkeeper - and not the club - is in the wrong.

It recently became known that the Spaniard wanted a move to Barcelona. But when that didn't come to fruition, he was loaned out to Napoli, following Simon Mignolet's £9m Liverpool arrival.

And now Reina has claimed that this loan move was organized behind his back and that he had no choice over his move to be reunited with Rafa Benitez in Italy.

Yet the former England International believes that the route of this problem comes from the fact that the keeper has lost his desire to represent Brendan Rodgers' side.

Speaking on the Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast show, Barnes lamented Reina's attitude: "You should want to play for Liverpool and nobody else, or you should go. You can't dictate which clubs come in for you.

"It was made clear to him that he wasn't going to be the number one and now that the Barcelona move didn't come about, he's spitting his dummy out."

This loan move to Napoli may only be temporary, but Pepe Reina's Liverpool exit may well be a permanent one.

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