Sunday, May 12, 2013

Brendan Rodgers Aiming For Top Four Finish

Brendan Rodgers has set his sights on finishing next season inside the top four and earning a place in the Champions League.

Rodgers is aiming for consistency and believes the club is moving in the right direction but believes that winning the Premier League next year would be a stretch too far.

"[The top four] is where we want to be," Rodgers said. "The history of this club dictates that but this season was about putting that base in place.

"Next year can be a big year for us if we can add the right type of mentalities to the group and make sure we become more consistent.

"The realism is in the earlier part of the season we got two consecutive wins in the Premier League for the first time in over a year. That is something you have to put into perspective."

"My focus is to try to close the gap. We are bridging that gap slowly this year but hopefully we will take a bigger stride next year," Rodgers continued.

"But the reality is very simple: we are 30 points behind the leaders and 12 points behind fourth place so we have a lot of work to do here.

"We know it is a long road but we don't like being second-best and being behind. We don't start the season aiming to finish fourth; the aim is always to win the title. For a club of this status that is the ultimate objective - but you have to be realistic."

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