Thursday, December 22, 2011

Barnes Pride At New LFC Role

Kop legend John Barnes has spoken of his pride after taking over the presidency of Liverpool's Disabled Supporters Association.

At a gala Christmas dinner at Anfield last week, attended by first team defender Sebastian Coates and outgoing president Alan Kennedy, Barnes addressed over 200 members of the LDSA and revealed the huge sense of honour he feels at being asked to assume such a prestigious position.

"I was asked six weeks ago and I didn't need to think twice," he said. "I know Alan Kennedy has done a great job as president and if I can do half as well then I'll be pleased.

"Football is all about the fans. Fans are the club. The only people I think who should kiss the badge are the fans. Players come and go, as we've seen, but fans are the heartbeat of the club - and especially at this club.

"Liverpool fans are special. Shankly started it and you can see today how the fans identify with the players and identify with the club. They get their strength from the club.

"I appreciate how difficult it is for disabled supporters to get around and to get to games, but they always show their commitment by turning up in their droves. It was the least I could do to become the LDSA president and I'm really looking forward to the next twelve months."

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