Thursday, May 15, 2008

Liverpool Legend John Aldrige Confident That Fernando Torres Will Continue To Terrorise Rivals

John Aldridge is confident that Fernando Torres will be even more vicious in his attack and continue to be a threat to Liverpool's rivals next season, even though his opponents will now be closely scrutinising his game-play.

In his debut season Torres shattered a number of records netting 33 goals for Liverpool.

"People talk about players not performing in their second season after a great first year, but I don't think that will apply to Torres," said Aldridge.

"He has scored so many goals coming in from the left and then dragging the ball past the defender - like his strike at Tottenham at the weekend - and I think that is just impossible to defend against. You just can't stop it. If you block that route down the outside off then he'll just cut in and whip the ball into the net.

"I think he'll be as good, if not better, next season. Whether he can score the same amount of goals again remains to be seen because what he's achieved in a first season has been fantastic.

"What he does best, and this is something I rave over, is make goals for himself out of nothing. A lot of strikers, myself included, needed a supply into the area, but he doesn't. He gets the ball and you wonder what he's going to do - the next thing the ball is in the net.

"He's a very special talent and the partnership he has struck up with Steven Gerrard has been immaculate. The new formation the manager has settled on suits the both of them perfectly."

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