Thursday, May 15, 2008

Liverpool Fans' Premier League Season Review

By John Mackin, of the Red All Over The Land website……..

How was it for you?
We've improved this season in the league and if we'd beaten Manchester United home and away we would have finished above them. We are not as far away as some people would have you believe.
Verdict: 7.5/10

The manager - "good job" or "time to go"?
It's rubbish to suggest Rafa Benitez's job is under threat from disillusioned supporters. Everybody I speak to is behind him, although I reckon it would be better for him to keep his nose out of what is going on in the boardroom.

Best player / worst player:
Fernando Torres has obviously been the highlight. I knew he was good, but I didn't think he do as well as he has this quickly and next season I think he'll be even stronger. The biggest disappointment has probably been Xabi Alonso who has generally been very, very quiet.

Finest hour - the moment of the season:
I would pick the Torres goal against Arsenal in the Champions League, even above the away win against Inter Milan. We were quite confident going to Milan, but against Arsenal it was very nerve-wracking. The lowest point was not going for Chelsea in the second-half of the Champions League semi-final.

Big issue:
We need to get the ownership issue sorted out. Tom Hicks needs to sell because I don't think he is interested in putting a single penny into the club. Everything he has done so far has been with borrowed money and we could be in trouble if we run up big debts and don't increase income.

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