Friday, September 27, 2013

Liverpool Should Sign Carlton Cole

I appreciate that many people wouldn't like to class Carlton Cole among the Premier League greats but he is one of these players who has received an unfair criticism in his playing career.

Emile Heskey is somebody else with a similar style who has faced taunts for his non-prolific goalscoring record.

The fact is, neither of these players would have played as many games as they have in the Premier League if they weren't good strikers, let alone for England where Cole, under stiff competition, has played seven times.

The 29-year-old has received some negative press in recent weeks for his poor fitness which is holding up a return to the club that released him in the summer, West Ham United.

Sam Allardyce has clearly realized his mistake in not offering the striker a new deal at Upton Park.

The reason for not being offered more years was probably because the Hammers signed Andy Carroll before his injury, from Liverpool, which I think was another bad decision by The Reds.

He also struggled last year bagging only two Premier League goals.

However, Remember that saying: 'form is temporary, class is permanent.' Lest we forget that Manchester United and Liverpool were linked with a £20 million move for the powerful hitman just four years ago.

So why should Brendan Rodgers buy the former Chelsea youngster now? Quite simply, in the last three games Rodgers' side has lacked ideas going forward.

The sale of Carroll means the Anfield outfit no longer has a target-man. The fluent style of play employed under the Northern Irish manager may be attractive but they need to have another plan when it isn't working.

Luis Suarez's return is a massive boost but is he unlikely to win headers in the air against tall centre-backs when the nice passing has failed.

Swansea and Southampton in particular have rattled them recently and sometimes it looks as though they need a release, somebody who can win an aerial battle, hold up the ball and let the more creative players get the ball facing goal rather than their back to it.

Step up Carlton Cole the potential Kop saviour. And what's even better- he's free.

I'm not suggesting at all that he be a long term solution and shouldn't necessarily start ahead of Suarez or Daniel Sturridge but he would be a great option from the bench for the rest of this season if he can sort out fitness doubts, where Carroll was probably to expensive to leave on the bench, there wouldn't be the same problem in this case and the former Chelsea man is probably desperate to impress for a big club again.

How good a team can you be of you haven't got a varied squad, a squad for all conditions if you like.

Manchester United have got variety up front along with Tottenham Hotspur, as have Chelsea with the likes of Demba Ba, Samuel Eto'o and Fernando Torres, Arsenal probably wish they had more as well.

Even Barcelona who are the original passing masterminds have started to go more direct and for the Premier League against physical centre-backs, its vital.

People will still laugh off the man with nearly 300 career appearances but considering I’m biasing this article on his hold-up play and ability to bully defenders- he doesn't actually have a bad goalscoring record.

He managed 15 goals in the 2011/12 campaign and that was at West Ham, just imagine what he could potentially do with the better service from better, more creative players at Liverpool.

There's almost no chance of a move to Liverpool happening but it wouldn't be the worst decision in the world.

Remember in 2000 when Liverpool was laughed at for signing Gary McAllister? That turned out to be one of the most inspirational short term signings ever one year and five trophies later.

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