Saturday, July 13, 2013

Luis Suarez Forcing Liverpool Departure

Liverpool's Luis Suarez is seemingly trying to force a move away from Anfield.

The Uruguayan striker has repeatedly been linked with a number of clubs, including some from the Premier League, meaning that his excuses that England is treating him excessively badly seem false.

It seems likely that he will play for another English club. Suarez said in a Liverpool meeting that he wishes to play for a Champions League club, and that he was flattered by Arsenal's ridiculous offer of a mere £30 million.

Suarez in my eyes is valued at £55 million. Just take a look at who else is in the market for that price and you will see what I mean.

As was seen with Fernando Torres; an unhappy player is a terrible playmaker and it is best that if this is the case, Suarez should be sold at maximum profit.

The Reds have never been shrewd and clever businessmen. The Andy Carroll transfer is just one of many money flops that could have been avoided.

It was also said that former manager Kenny Dalglish had the chance to bring Mario Gotze to the club, but instead opted for a more expensive Jordan Henderson.

Indeed, nobody can predict the future, but other clubs seem to be doing just fine with their recruitment.

If Liverpool does lose Suarez, their credentials in the transfer-market will be further questioned and then it will be tough for Liverpool to keep fighting for a top-ten finish.

A striker like Suarez can fit in at any club and with a passion like his, excitement will never be far away wherever he chooses to go.

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers surely has a short-list of Suarez replacements and it is more than likely that he will be called into action to use it before transfer deadline day.

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