Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Liverpool Chances Of Signing Kiessling Looking Unlikely

Bayer Leverkusen striker Stefan Kiessling doesn’t seem to be going anywhere thanks to Serie A giants Fiorentina.

The Italian club has had a move for the big forward rejected, which means it’s going to be even more difficult for Liverpool to sign the forward if Brendan Rodgers thinks he fits the bill for his Anfield project.

The problem is that because of the Chelsea Andre Schurrle deal, Leverkusen seems reluctant to talk through deals for any of their other major players until that has been sorted out.

As that is a deal which seems to rest on the future of Kevin De Bruyne, it’s impossible for Fiorentina, Liverpool or any other major side to come in and sign Kiessling until that has been resolved.

The German club has said they can’t afford to lose him if they want to have another successful season, which is fair enough but it seems to be more about the calibre of the personnel at their disposal over what they can actually achieve.

It’s a shame because Kiessling could definitely do a job in the current Liverpool attack because he’s a more subtle target man than Andy Carroll and could compliment the nature of Daniel Sturridge and Luis Suarez very well.

His numbers for this season are superb with 24 goals and ten assists in 33 league games, which quite rightly makes him one of the most coveted strikers in Europe for plenty of teams.

If there is serious interest from Liverpool then they need to go about this deal in a very subtle way.

They need to keep Leverkusen on side, which means doing everything by the back and not trying to talk to the player or his agent without letting the German side know they are interested.

They also need to make sure that the board is happy to commission the transfer because it doesn’t look as though it’s going to be a cheap one.

Kiessling is 29-years-old and in a similar part of his career to Swansea’s Ashley Williams, a player Liverpool’s board has just refused to shell out £10 million for because they don’t see it as a long term investment.

Fiorentina’s approach has put Leverkusen on red alert but there is still well over a month before the summer transfer window opens, which gives the situation a chance to settle down.

Liverpool can’t afford to alienate Leverkusen in the same way that Fiorentina have just done because they need injections of this calibre and experience into what is becoming an increasingly young squad

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