Saturday, December 15, 2012

Rodgers: Diving Is The Player's Responsibility

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers believes there is little club managers can do about diving in their team, stating that the responsibility lands solely at the feet of the player.

Rodgers has seen one of his players in Luis Suarez come under severe criticism at points during the season for going the ground to easily. The former Swansea City manager has backed the Uruguayan when he has faced backlash from the likes of Stoke manager Tony Pulis and Swansea defender Ashley Williams in particular, but has said the problem plaguing the game exists at all levels.

"Luis Suarez was held up as the only one that seemed to be doing it. Whenever many other players were doing it, both British and European, it seemed to go very quiet," Rodgers told Liverpool’s official website.

"It's something that is the responsibility of the players. The managers can only guide and give their opinion to the players. I've seen it at all levels - the Premier League, reserve games, youth team games and some kids football.”

The northern Irish manager admits that the problem of players going down unchallenged is plaguing the Premier League, but maintains the stance that the problem will be especially hard to eliminate from the English game.

"You see it now becoming a part of the game but it's certainly something we want to eradicate. It's a difficult one for the referees because they have to make that judgement straight away,” Rodgers added.

"Pundits and others get a chance to review it a number of times. It's something we must work hard to eradicate from the game."

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