Wednesday, April 04, 2012

John Barnes Gives Backing To Under Fire Dalglish

Liverpool hero John Barnes has reiterated the face that he believes no manager is immune from criticism but has made it clear that he believes Kenny Dalglish is still the man to take the Reds forward.

The Scot has come under increasing pressure after a string of bad results in the league that has seen them lose six out of their last seven games and slip down to eighth place.

Liverpool are now closer to the relegation zone than they are to fourth place as Dalglish has begun to be questioned following a huge investment of more than £100million last year.

"We're in the results business and Kenny is no different to anyone else. If Sir Alex Ferguson goes through a run of losing games, he's going to be in trouble. No matter who you are, it's a results-driven business," Barnes told the BBC.

"No-one is immune. There are people talking about it - we have seen it, we have heard it. It does happen, but you also have to be realistic in terms of the effect it will have on what you are trying to achieve.

"And the people in the know - how much are they going to support you? Kenny is well supported, so he won't take any notice of that."

Despite some dreadful results in the league, Liverpool has remained an excellent cup side and is still in with a chance of adding the FA Cup to the Carling Cup success.

"In the league they have not been consistent enough - and that is what doing well in the league is all about, being consistent week in, week out," declared the man who was signed by Dalglish in his first spell in charge of the club.

"Liverpool over the years has been a good cup side but it is disappointing in the league."

Barnes was part of a very successful Liverpool side that dominated the league and cup competitions under Dalglish and he believes the players and supporters need to get behind the manager.

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