Saturday, August 08, 2009

Liverpool Midfielder Javier Mascherano Will Be Ready For Start Of Season

Argentinian Javier Mascherano was granted extra time off in the post-season following the birth of his second daughter, and is now playing catch-up with the rest of the squad.

“Maybe I need a little bit more work because I arrived back when my team-mates had already been back 10 days,” he told “But I will be in a good position by the start of the new season."

Reflecting on Liverpool's 2-0 victory against FC Lyn in Oslo, Mascherano felt it was significant to get a result.

“We didn't do well against Espanyol so it was important to win,” he said. “It's pre-season but we knew we had to improve because in 10 days we start the Premier League.

“There are a lot of positive things to take from this game, like a clean sheet. We know we still have to improve but we are happy and now we have one more game to improve even more.” he continued.

“After Saturday's game against Atletico we'll have seven days to get in top condition for the Premier League.” he concluded.

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